Sailing according to Lou

By Lou

Sailing is my freedom. When I’m on a boat, I no longer have to think about school, everything that scares me, I relax. My bad feelings all go away because it’s not the thing you feel when you experience the thing that makes you the most happy in the world.


Knowing that all of that effort in planning a trip is probably going to be postponed for a year because of what is happening in the world. Knowing that the departure date is so close, I cannot think that I will have to wait even longer. It’s all in my head: are we going to leave, are we really going to travel, are we going to survive this pandemic?

The wait

The only thing you can do is wait, wait until all of my questions are answered. All these bad feelings I have right now, it’s stressing me out.

One thing that is certain, it would be good for me to sail at the moment.