Hey! I’m Alizée. My name is inspired by a breeze blowing from the equator towards the poles.

I have been sailing since I was 7 years old, and I am completely addicted. I really like the Pico, but even more the Laser. I do it from May to October, in Quebec. And I can be at the helm of SV Caboteur too. I passed my nautical skills card last year.

I like sailing to spend time with family while having fun. It is a passion for me, difficult to explain.

I also like music. I sing and play guitar. I play basketball on the school team and snowboard on weekends.

I have fun braiding everything I find … but I especially like paracord and embroidery thread to make bracelets. I will braid my sister’s hair licking-style if she lets me. I also knit in my (rare) spare time.

I can’t wait for the trip to the Bahamas to discover new places and discover different cultures.