Hi, I’m Cloé (that’s right, no H!)

I started sailing around the age of 5. I’ve loved doing it ever since. I’m improving from year to year and I hope to be as good as my mom one day, if possible. I’m a good sailor and I love to cook. I didn’t inherit my father’s seasickness, so I find it easier to cook.

Swimming is also one of my strengths. Music is the way I express myself. I play ukulele and I like to sing. I can’t wait to start school on the boat. I’m also looking forward to swimming with dolphins and turtles.

On the other hand, I am a little afraid of the vast emptiness of the sea and the distance from the land, but this is just a fear.

During long hours of navigation, I usually wrap myself in a blanket and read a book on my e-reader. I can do it for hours, but as soon as my mom calls, I get to work in no time.