Traveling 10 months with family, how does that happen?

This is a question that comes up often.

It may be when the desire to leave is greater than the fear of temporarily leaving everything we have, of losing clients, of making a hole in our finances, of getting out of our comfortable routine, of getting children out of school.

When the desire to offer an extraordinary experience to our children surpasses the fears of travel. When the desire to slow down is greater than the fear of bad weather.


sailing is our choice for this trip, but this kind of trip can be done by plane, caravan, camping, bike, walking … it’s up to you. Sailing has been part of our family life for several years. We are comfortable at different degrees, so we are open to all kinds of experiences. We will have to adapt to everyone’s pace along the way.


We have a plan, endorsed by the Ministry of Education. We will have the privilege (or the misfortune! We’ll get back to you on this) to teach our children for a full year. They will be studying approximately 3 hours per day, and children usually finish their school program between December and February.


We make sure we have all the necessary vaccines, notify the RAMQ of our absence, and carefully choose good insurance.


It is a series of choices that we make during our lifetime. We make the choice to save money every year. We choose our grocery stores based on prices. We make the choice to leave with our cup of homemade coffee in the morning and lunches prepared at home for work. We cut costs where we can to go further with our money. However, we are far from voluntary simplicity. We make choices. Every day.

The trip has a cost, but many current expenses will disappear.

The house

It will either be rented or inhabited by friends. It’s a big piece of the puzzle; we can’t wait to find the solution that suits us.

So this is it. It starts with a decision. The rest follows.

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