What to do during “Christmas Winds” ?

The “Christmas winds” blow over the Bahamas from December to February. These winds are caused by cold fronts which blow from one cardinal point to the next, like clockwork. It is therefore difficult to find a fully sheltered anchoring. Winds can go up to 40 knots and form waves of 3 meters or more.

During the passage of these fronts, one can be confined on board for several days. As there are 5 of us on a 31-foot sailboat, space will be limited. How will we survive “cabin fever”?

Getting ahead in with schoolwork

We can take the opportunity to invent quizzes, play French and math games, get ahead in schoolwork to fully enjoy the beautiful days.

Get rid of administrative tasks

It’s time to get rid of the paperwork, and file the tax reports, while you’re at it!

Research, learn something new

Traveling raises a lot of questions. Some mandatory resting time may be welcome to do research on places we visited or which we plan to visit soon. It allows us to come back, answer questions and plan the next stops.


Nicolas will be able to take advantage of this to make up for his hours of sleep. It will not be an easy task.

Play music

We will take the opportunity to play music, learn a new instrument, perfect harmonies, practice.

Learn a new language

Nicolas and Cloé are learning Spanish, Alizée German. That will result in interesting conversations!

Plan our next move

Whether it’s our next destination, finding an activity to do or a location to visit, we have time to plan for the next few weeks.

Write to you, clean up our photos

We take a lot of photos while traveling, so it will be a good time to clean up the extra photos. We will take the opportunity to put write adventures on paper, fill our notebooks with memories.

Read a good book

Always nice to snuggle with a good book.

Play board games

We don’t do it often enough! Play board games … magnetic if possible! Sometimes the waves are choppy and the pieces don’t stay in place.

Practice a hobby

Whether it’s knitting, making bracelets, braiding hair, getting/giving massages, drawing or playing music, anything goes.

Dress up and go out on deck

If weather permits, even if not ideals, we can go out! The jacklines will be installed on the boat, so we’ll be safe. Nothing like wind and rain to change your mind. Some push-ups, yoga positions and bear crawl to get the blood flowing.

Take a walk in the « Christmas Winds »

If the weather and the waves allow it, we’ll make it to shore for a walk. So if possible, we put on our raincoat and go out despite the weather.

Clean the cabin

Yes. A good cleaning will not do any harm.

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