What we dream of doing during our 10 month trip

We dream of this trip, imagine it, prepare for it. This is what we are really looking forward to doing during these 10 months.

Discover new places

We can’t wait to travel, to discover, to meet people, to forge new relationships.

Spend time as a family

Tighten our cocoon, reweave our ties before the end of this year which will mark the end of childhood, as well as the beginning of the transformation towards adolescent and adult life for our daughters. It will be a pivotal year for the whole family.

Change pace

We can’t wait to take our time. To get into a slow flexible routine, to step out of the race. For these 10 months, we want to stop time.

No school

The girls can’t wait to NOT go to school! There will be lessons, subjects to learn, but on our own time, in a relaxed environment with an exceptional teacher / student ratio!

To sleep

Nicolas can’t wait to sleep. This is the year when he will recuperate all his lost sleep!

Go diving

We can’t wait to dive, explore, go underwater fishing. To see turtles. To visit the protected parks of the Exumas.

Make a bubble ring

It’s one of the things we really want to master! We will have fun doing it, we will blow a couple your way.

See a manatee and a whale shark

Wildlife fascinates us. We can’t wait to meet new animals, new species, to see multicoloured fish.


Catch fish and lobster

We are really looking forward to catching, filleting and eating our fish. We have a book and an application to guide us in our adventures as outfitters.

Play music and sing

We are a family of musicians! We can’t wait to take the time to sing, perfect our instruments, perfect harmonies, play the guitar, the ukulele, the recorder. We hum when we are happy, sometimes even at the table, without realizing it. Music is part of our lives.

Take pictures, forge memories

We like images, photography, movies. We want to share this trip with you, through our lenses. Our filmmakers will also certainly entertain us.

Hone our navigation skills

This trip will be a good test for our crew. We are already well trained, we cannot wait to see how we will cope with the tides, the high winds, the bridges, the narrow canals, the multiple docking, the maritime traffic, the American coast guard.